REVIEW #Airtel 4G (Break Free)

Pune was one of the first few cities Airtel launched 4G. I had just moved back in Pune from Mumbai it was a boon in disguise. Also I was completely pissed off of other telecom operator’s internet dongle. Those ‘general’ issues that we have, you know, no speed, less speed; even gmail does not open up, etc, etc. So I went on a journey to find a reliable internet connection. Even if now I live in the heart of city, some areas are still ‘non-accessible’, by non-accessible I mean is that they always fall short of the 3km radius of any delivery. The first I approached was BSNL, being a government company, it is their duty to provide services, make it happen, irrespective of the terrain. But, so is not the case, they remain lazy and arrogant. Private players come in play only when they have more customers! So, was the case with internet broadband services? They were present on the adjacent road but not where I lived. My last option was to buy a dongle!

With quite a lot apprehension I bought Airtel 4G dongle, but I must say that I was happy surprised, as the dongle did work awesome, and is still working awesome. The speed which I get is absolutely better than anyone in the market, rather there is no competition as only Airtel dared to launch 4G services in India, then. Also, it is expanding it to 296 cities. Finally, many people will have access to faster internet.

Many things have changed since I have Airtel 4G. Videos don’t need a buffering time, if you attending a edX course, you don’t have to worry about the time you will need to download a GB of the course material, new parallax based websites can be seen as it is, you can skype in HD, watch videos on vimeo in HD, your drop box works as it should work! Having a constant high speed internet improves your work flow and also provides mental peace when you learning something on websites like edX, coursera, etc. Also, if you plan to work from home, nothing is better than 4G connection.

Let’s talk about the smart phones. Well, I buy a iPhone which is 4G ready, but I use 3G network, or worst I use a 2G network. Does it make any sense? What’s the point of using a 3G network on a 4G handset? It is phone shaming! It is like using a Ferrari like a rickshaw. I know you don’t want that.

You can get an Airtel 4G (at home) for free if you tweet out #GetAirtel4G. So, may be try it out? It is free after all.

I like their tag line, Airtel 4G, Break Free.

If you want to talk with me, just tweet me @apurvac


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