Few hour of love for country

Its Independence Day today, while google doodle shows only Gandhi in forefront, many have died for Independence and while many more have died after Independence during partition.

People celebrate Independence Day, by playing songs on loud speakers, loudly. Dont they worry about animals which are in the vicinity?

Also, whats this “few hour love for country”? Does playing songs is all what it takes to take care of a country? You play ‘mera desh ki dharti, ugle sona…..’ where farmers are dying, by suicide. First, you burden them with loans, then you burden them with fertilizers which make their infertile, then they cant pay anything, then they kill themselves. A person dies in AAP rally, AAP notoriously known for ‘morality’. What exactly we do, rest of the year?

You play songs, such as Vande Mataram and waste water o washing vehicles! What you need is a good engine and proper air pressure for your vehicle to run smoothly, not shiny exterior. Do you care when you waste water? Isnt that a part of this nation? Stop faking your love for the nation!! Free water and free electricity…. but no forestation….no way to help for better monsoons! Also, what about the western ghats? They want to make it into a industrial area. Well, then where the hell are the mangoes going to come? From the clouds?

Even in Pune, majority of the fertile land under water was converted into IT sector, famously known as Hinjewadi! Could you not find dry, barren land for that?

Rivers run dirty, what the hell do we do about that? There indigenous solutions to clean water, but, no we want to expensive German machinery. This is a real story happened in front of my eyes in Mumbai.

You put in Baba’s who are jailed for rape, in textbook of children as sant-mahatma. Where is the money they have via donation? Is it used for any public good? Do they provide help for cancer patients? Do they provide education? Do they take in small children as beggars on road and give them a better life? Do they help entrepreneurs? NO!!

What about casteism?

Stop faking your love for the country, if you really care, at least what you can do is plant trees and stop wasting water, stop honking unnecessarily and stop using those loud speakers!



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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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