Sense 8

I have always wanted a person who would what I feel even without telling, you something like, if I am feeling happy, that person is feeling happy and vice a versa. To convey feeling and thoughts without help of language. So, I dont have to make precise sentences just to convey what I am feeling, increase my vocabulary for the same, read more on psychology, spirituality…..if I had that person, wouldnt it be easier to just communicate, to just be, give one look and there thats it, everything shared, everything felt, everything conveyed!! There will be no need of lies, white lies and even no hurt for being truthful. There will be no need of being diplomatic or nice. You will just be! No questions asked, no analysis done!


sense8 Has sure tried to catch that concept via 8 People who can do it! Its awesome!


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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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