What is “I Am Worth It”?

I am worth it

Profile picQuite of you who have read, might have understood or might have found it a bit complicated.

That’s okay! Here is what is going to happen in project. As you may have understood that this is a video project where females from the age of 13 and above will be asked questions on aspirations and self-worth. So, hence onwards I am just going to call adult women and girls, as girls.

Now, you may say, ‘Oh, what are you talking about? We ask our girls “What do they want to become?” How is this different from that?’

It is different, when we ask a 10 year old, what you want to become, she will answer on the basis of what she has seen her other elder girls do around her and what is actually accepted by the men. Till this age she is made sure of her sex, her gender…

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