I Am Worth It Project.

Watch this small video before you read the rest of stuff I have to say. (start from 7:37 minute)

Tabu is really hurt as to why did no one consider to even ask her once. She was treated as a commodity (similar to selling of a cow). Her father (owner of the cow) and other partners who are interested in seeing this woman getting wed to some guy (buyer of the cow) who lacks any balls in the village feud. Finally, after lot of *drama* Anil Kapoor asks her, waits patiently for her answer. This is just one scenario, where we forget to ask a girl and wait patiently for a girls answer.

But, the question remains is, why did not Tabu ask this first? Why did she not think she could say it before than this whole incident? Why did she accept the proposal? Do you think her self worth was so low that she accepted the first marital offer? And when she knew that Anil Kapoor was already invested in other girl, she still accepted his proposal. Did she do it because she is not worthy of anybody else or her self worth is so low that she had to accept a proposal from a person who may or may not be emotionally invested in her. Was aspiration in her whole life to become a wife to a man who may or may not love her?

There are many such questions which are just not asked, as they are not asked, no thought is spared on it.

“I Am Worth It” is a place where I will ask questions to girls/women and wait patiently for their answer. This will be a platform where a girl/woman can speak her mind without being judged, without worrying ‘what will people say/think’.

A place to be ‘FREE’, a place for ‘SELF EXPRESSION’ and more.

Some questions become just sex centered, which means, people forget to ask them to female of the species known as homo-sapiens. This female has many ‘can’t do’ but very less ‘can do’.

I am looking for this platform to become a place for women to interact, question their mind with questions our gender is never asked, to encourage self expression through various channels and creating various channels to do so.

There will be a lot of supporters who will answer your questions. There will be lot of material available to answer your questions. So, I hope the female species of homo sapiens of Indian subcontinent gets a little help from me.

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