When did nights become attractive?

As I travel away from Mumbai airport, watching the brilliantly lit skyline from Bandra at 0030 hours. The sea looks brilliantly bluish grey reflecting light pourn upon by highrises, hiding its polluted state, looking glamorous as all lights reflected looks like blue diamonds shining bright to lure my eyes into them.
The mist plays with streetlight, while rats run on airport gate. People are as fresh as they would be after good nights’ sleep. Some saying goodbye to their loved ones, while some trying to be polite to clients.
Night today looked young than dawn, ready with promises to give me a brilliant start. It looked mysteriously beautiful. Hiding all reality in the cover of mist and darkness.
Night which holds many dark secrets looked more attractive, took more attention than the reality of light!
When did night become so attractive?


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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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