What do you do?

My sister was explaining to her daughter as to how we (my sister and me) could go to our parents offices when we were kids. My mother a teacher in PCMC and father in MSEB, both into govt jobs.
the following dialog takes place between her and her daughter:
(my sister: S her daughter : s)
So, what do I do professionally?
She explained that she is a design researcher.
s:designeer, what is that?
S: A person who makes things to look good!
s: Then why do you drive? Are you not driver?
S: I need to drive to go to office. That not what i actually do.
s: ok. Then what are you at home? A cooking maid?
S: I cook at home but that does not mean that i am a cooking maid

s is confused as to what does my sister do? Is she a driver or designeer or cooking maid


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