What do we need?

Amid this discussion of Human Rights, LGBT rights, Woman rights one question arises is: Why is it called as “RIGHTS”?

Are we not all humans capable of loving and capable of empathizing naturally? But, that is clearly not the case because there are so many activists involved in these movements. The “RIGHTS” movement as I call it, is only because people have stopped being “HUMANS”. In India there are 18000 caste with sub castes and finally men and women. [please somebody calculate combinations of these] So, basically we have this gigantic way of differing each other first by gender and then by castes. Then some people are just more intelligent and smart and sexy and beautiful just because they are born in a certain caste, but this rule is applicable only to men, not to women, women no matter what caste they more downtrodden than dalits! So, forget women all together in this discussion.

Main question still remains is why do we need RIGHTS movement at all?

Does any parent in India teaches a child that you are a human being? No!

Does any teacher teaches both genders that you are a human being? No!

Does behaviour of adults teach children that they are human being? No!

Does any soap on TV in India teaches children that they are human? No!

So, what do they teach? We all know what kind of training is imparted to a child in India! Women as usual remain at the lowest point.

Does a woman get bothered by it? No! (I am talking of majority)

What would teaching a child to LOVE and empathize create?

A world where no one will have to fight for “RIGHTS” which are granted as you are born on earth with no wars as differences in gender, in religious beliefs, castes will fall back behind “LOVE” and there will be no reason to fight anymore.

We need differences in between individuals to understand the beauty of being what you are not, we don’t need differences to fight!



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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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