Where are those extra men?

#Womanifesto also says that 50% population is is need of all the things which is mentioned in that manifesto. Now, lets calculate a little.

Sex Ratio: Average India: (for states check official websites)

Sex ratio of India is: 940:1000, i.e. 940 women per 1000 men.

So, there are 60 women less. It is rather the need of not 50% but 48.5% of population of India. There are many women who don’t get married, some are gay, some are forced into prostitution, so lets reduce 0.5% women from this percentage. So, we are left with 48% women, so it also means that only 48% men & women get married.

What happens to the rest of men? Do they stay as virgins waiting for a woman? Or do they turn out be gay? I somehow have not met any guy who is unmarried. Its pretty weird, when statistics clearly shows, that 2% men are extra! Nor, have I met any modern Draupadi, sharing 5 men! This 2% is a population of almost 2,47,26,893 men. Wow, a lot of them.

Then, woman, why do you get tensed of finding a partner? There is always a edge of 2% for you, a big number of 2.4 Cr men. So, you know, chill out, relax! Support your own kind! As public toilets are going to help you more! You surely cannot stand and piss on any wall you want to, nor do you like the smelling walls when you are walking on road.

Stop following stupid training of ‘how a girl should be’. You can be yourself and help other women to achieve their dream! No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid! So, you idiot, collective identity women, start taking yourself seriously! Rather than wasting your time on bitching about women are individualistic and egoist!

And yes where are those extra men? Funny, right? 2.4Cr men, extra! Do you know of them? Write in comments…..Image


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