I happen to read and support the effort which is written in a 6 point manifesto, which every political party should support for women empowerment. Arvind Kejriwal has already supported it, rest parties I dont know! If you want read those 6 pointer Womanifesto, you can surely read it on awaaz.com.

It says, we will do this, and that, and we will do all impossible/ possible things. It is basically a summary of everything a woman may need to ‘survive’. Some how, it does not mention who ‘we’ is. As basically their audience is more of political party, so may be the political party is ‘we’! Something which will not have a reaction is easily promised.

But, how can I make this ‘we’ into all women? It is really a taboo even to talk individuality of a woman, whose whole identity is based on family/boyfriend/husband/children, a kind of collective/group/communal identity, where her actions & thoughts are not her own. Even the so called highly educated women have a collective identity and these women literally HATE individualistic women, IT IS A FACT.

There is a simple story, if I am ill, I should take medicine and not somebody else. So, if women in this country are facing all these hardships, no matter what a political party does, every woman should support the other woman, to fight against this injustice. Simple sympathy and little action by every woman of this country for every woman who is alive and who will be born. So STOP BITCHING! Stop being jealous, stop trying to spread wrong rumours about a woman, try to understand every woman who comes in your life. And yes, supporting a woman, or befriending a individualistic woman does not make what she is. The only difference is that her thoughts are of her own and she does not have a collective identity as you do!

Woamnifesto should have been more of a ‘I’ based thing. I will do this, I will do tht …. not ‘we’ a third party. A third party to empower you? Does that really happen?

Empowerment, can happen if every woman empowers herself, not otherwise. And I don’t believe in this FREE bullshit. If you want change, you have to change!


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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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