What exactly is expression? How many words do we require to express? What are those words? Do we really understand our own emotions? Do we really know what word do we have to use to express that emotion? Can we really share our intimate secrets with parents? Can we really share our thoughts with friends and family? What will they really understand of those thoughts? Will they take it positively? Will they take it negatively? Will we be taunted for those thoughts? Is extrovert-ism only way of living our life? Who defines ‘normal’ and who defines ‘abnormal’? Are we a part of some computer program, where in all these things are pre-defined, like int, float? What exactly is society? Why do girls change their name after marriage? Is it really necessary? Did they hate their name?  Or is it a way ownership on another human being? What is religion? What is caste? Is our life really defined by all these things? Or can we change our thinking to suite our lifestyle? What exactly defines us? Failure or Success? Man or Woman? Hindu or Muslim? What is our role of existence on earth? To follow? To make life easier? What is love? Is there really any love?

Every question, every answer, every thought, every emotion has energy with it. We are defining this energy in various ways like anger, love, jealousy, appreciation, etc. Our regional languages has a word for every emotion, emotions which cannot be even defined in English. Then why do we Indians have failed and are still failing in communicating emotion? There are so many emotions that we are just not aware of! Especially what those emotions are called as, and what/how exactly should a person react to it! Indians in general are only aware of ‘love’ [filmy love, with no essence of reality and responsibility], anger [angry young man], jealousy [jalan in daily soaps], revenge [badla many movies and daily soaps].

Why do we fail other emotions such as empathy? Is it that hard? Why cant we communicate with family the way may be we can communicate with friends? Is family really the enemy? Or do we make it as a enemy? Something similar to the concept of ragging, my seniors ragged me, so I will rag the juniors. But, on the first place why did u let them rag you? And if some one has done injustice to you, troubled you, why are you troubling others? Why don’t you go and trouble the same person, who troubled you? If you are not doing so, then isn’t something wrong with you? Are you not psychologically ill?

But, the fact is, that many people get ragged, they rag juniors. THEY ARE PSYCHOLOGICALLY ILL. These people need treatment. Coming back to topic of Expression. Indians are not just taught to express their emotions properly, and also assess their emotions properly. Some people who can do it, are termed as “abnormal”. Of course, by statistics they are abnormal, but by psychology they are NORMAL.


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