frozen1For the first time Disney animated movie is talking about sense. Watching FROZEN was just a accident. I wanted to watch a movie online and I needed a movie which would take up less MB’s to be downloaded. With a limitation of 300MB, only animated movies are of that size when to be watched online.

Considering a Disney movie, where there is a princess/prince and a kingdom, we have been conditioned to watch a love story and TRUE LOVE’s kiss. Isn’t it? Well, I started watching that movie with just that mindset.

And, of course I got to watch a princess, with special powers, accidentally hurts her sister and then she banishes herself, because she still thinks that she would hurt people. WOW! Bullshit. Then a song covers their growing up. I wish that would have the case with everyone. All my growing up period covered in a 5 minutes song. Wonderful. What a idea!

Then, yes, there has to be a time when this girl with special powers is crowned as a queen. Of course, we now are expecting that something will lead to people knowing about these special powers. So, there is a scene of younger sister falling in love, and demanding marriage! And Elsa shows her powers!

Wouldn’t it be great, if she could just practice her powers, instead of controlling it? She would have been able to help many during summer, AC always on! Anyways, has compulsion, control resulted into any GOOD?

But, still she is compelled to hide powers from people and also her loved one. BULLSHIT!

Now, as the tragedy has to happen, her glove is accidentally removed, she becomes angry and now she is out! Everyone knows that she has super powers. As usual people are afraid of the unknown. Thats it. But, then it also gives her freedom.

Wonderful song! I loved it. “Let it Go”

And then is the rest, which you will read on imbd and other websites. Followed with drama of TRUE LOVE.

Well, till now, inspite of a very well animated movie, I was pissed with the “conditional” idea of “true love kiss” when this some guy kisses the princess. But, then what a relief, for the first time Disney has dared to show that true love exists in many relations! This time, it is the sister’s love which made it possible. It was this sister who stayed away just to save her younger sister, and in spite of the distance of so many years, younger still loved the elder.

BRAVO DISNEY! Thank you, breaking the stereotypical image of so-called “true love”. True Love can exist in different relations, heterosexual & homosexual both! 🙂





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