Stereotyping Colour

Have you wondered why do we associate colours with good or bad? or gender? or race? or behaviour?

Lets consider a first case:

1. Black and White.

Today, is the age of movies, and we all love Hobbit, Harry Potter, movies based on comic characters like Batman, Superman, etc. We even love sci-fi , zombie movies. Every of this movie has this dark age, or dark angle, and some how unconsciously we associate “black” to be as the dark. And as ‘darkness’ does also represent a feeling in these movies, books as “fear” and being in fever tends a person towards hatred of that fear as it is uncontrollable, then dark also becomes a symbol of fear and hatred. the first dark which we see or recognize consciously as dark is the night. But, over the time we learn science behind this darkness, but not how to remove to remove fear from our mind. WE know that it is the lack of light which makes it dark, but lack of light does not create fear. These movies also represent white colour for elves. Elves who are very beautiful, living in some really beautiful place on earth, while the dark creatures are really very horrible looking, living underground.

So, my question here is, do we associate this darkness to our normal life, wherein we discriminate people with darker skin to be bad people and fairer/colourless skin people as good people? Is it even a valid identity? I have seen people rejecting darker skin coloured, because they have this concept of “dark is bad!”

Majority of the “fairness cream” advertisement, also focuses on “how a person is rejected when that person is darker” and “is accepted when that person becomes light coloured!” People actually accept such bullshit ideas as thoughts and actually implement on it, take action on it and also waste quite a lot money on buying these beauty products!

So, do you also fall into this category of people who associate bad things with darker skin colour?

India has tradition of Gods with darker skin colour. While, still when a woman who is on the darker shade of brown is considered to be not beautiful in spite of having good features. Why do you think is that so?

And why is tall, dark, handsome so accepted for boys and not for girls? So, should we say that fair, thin beautiful boy is not acceptable ?






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