Scene 1:

Huck is in the plane and Jake walks towards Huck. Both of them are worried for Olivia.

Huck: What are doing?

Jake: Going to India.

Huck: I can take care of Olivia.

Jake: I am just a extra help. I am worried about Olivia.

Flight takes off, and is shown landing in Mumbai, India. Jake and Huck leave airport and are welcomed by stink. Both of them flinch.

Jake: I have hired a taxi and few people who will be able to help us.

Jake and Huck get into the car and leave to meet Uttam Khobragade.

Scene 2:

Olivia is in Taj at Colaba. She is looking out of the window. She reached India a few hours back and has a early appointment with Uttam Khobragade. She hires a car from Taj and leaves to meet Uttam Khobragade.

Olivia, Jake and Huck almost reach at the same time.

Huck: Olivia, I know Marathi. Let me talk with him.

Uttam: Namaskar. Itkya lavkar tumhi ithe aala sudha?

(Hi. You have come really quick)

Huck: Namaskar. Ho. Amhala patkan sagle sodvayche aahe. Amhi client la khup mahatva deto.

(Hi. We like to solve our cases real quick) [//authors note: here i will write both sides in english]

Uttam: So, will you tea/coffee and some Poha? Ae, Vishnu get some tea and poha for guests. Now, tell me what should we do so that we can get Devyani out pretty quick? Or at least in India? Indian judiciary system is very slow, we can get all the charges dropped against her.

Olivia: It is only possible if Sangeeta Richard takes back her complaint, and if we have some out of court settlement.

Huck: I have met Sangeeta and she is kept in a very secured place. Abducting her is not a possibility. But, if we can give her better offer and get all charges dropped in India She might agree to take back her complaint.

Uttam: I will have to think about it. Let me have a word with my son-in-law.

Olivia and Huck leave his house.

Olivia: What are you doing here?

Huck: Protecting you. Even Jake has come in India. HE has gone to find some documents which might help us understand the clear financial position of Khobragade family and Adarsh scams and all wealth they have amassed from black money.

Olivia: What did Sangeeta say?

Huck: I did not get so much time to interact. She is kept in a highly secure location. She says that she complained only because of less wages and in human behaviour. I think we must believe her. She will surely accept offer. Jake will meet us at Hotel.

Scene 3:

Jake, Huck and Olivia are sitting in the coffee house at Taj.

Jake dumping a loads of papers on table: This is all of Khobragade’s cases and wealth information.I did some reading. But, I need help.

After a few hours:

Olivia :So, now we have the estimate of Khobragade’s wealth.

Jake: 6 flats in Mumbai, 3 plots in various locations of Kerala, Maharashtra,, while 5 flats all over Maharashtra. Yearly income apart from salary above 4Cr Rupees, This is for Devyani. While, Uttam K, has 10 plots in Maharashtra, 5 flats. Scams both are involved: Adarch scam, BEST scam, and quite a list. Which is not important, but surely they have a combined wealth of more than 50Cr. While the assets of Khobragade’s husband is unaccounted for. Surely they can buy almost every official and also the maid.

Olivia: Ok. Lets a make a offer of 20Cr to maid and also all charges dropped in India.

Scene 3: [//writers block, show a love making scene between Olivia and Jake]

Scene 4:

Olivia to Uttam: This is the best offer that we can provide, you will have to agree if you want to see your daughter in India. We know everything about all scams and money which you are holding in India and abroad.

Uttam: ok.

Olivia, Jake and Huck leave his house.

Scene 5:

someone who knows Khobragde from Govt. of Maharashtra:

Someone: They have all the files of Adarsh, and they have already left India with all the documents. We have successfully cleaned all the worms.

Uttam: What? Why did you act on your own? Did I ask you clean anything? Are you gone mad? Now, they have me completely fixed.

Scene 6:

Uttam, Olivia, Jake, and Huck reading news in various formats: Headline: Peon and Lawyer handling Adarsh Scam files found dead. Is Khobragde involved in this?




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