Sensitivity – 2

This is a small conversation which took place on facebook, which is a public platform, but still I will be removing the names. This conversation is a reaction to video above:

  • A: I am speechless, I mean girls here are instigating the boys and the ad is all about making the guys feel ashamed,it should be the other way around and girls should start covering themselves properly,especially in PUBLIC PLACES. Whistling Woods are giving a wrong message.
  • B to A- You’ve clearly missed it. Whats your explanation for the man leching at the lady who appears last in the series AND who’s shown ‘respectably covered’? So if a woman is dressed in anything other than a garment covering her from head to toe is meant to be disrespected? AND, when we as kids, all dressed in skirts back in our school days – were we ALL “instigating” men? Who teaches such non-sense?
  • B: And btw, if women really intend to arouse interest in men, they can very well do it through a veil too, can’t they!?
  • A:I did not miss the last one, there the man should have lowered his gaze agree on that one. However with regards to school, its a code of conduct which needs to be followed. The point I am making here is, men are not always at fault. So blaming them for everything is not fair.
  • B: Wow! This is coming from you – a woman!!! !That the man should have lowered his gaze ONLY in the last one?
    That’s like saying – the beggar was blind, so it doesn’t matter if I flicked a little money from him/her….
    Schools DO HAVE a code of conduct -…See More
  • A: The men should have lowered their gaze throughout, i did not mean only the last one. Yes, I agree with the last point men should not be drooling over. Sure, Modesty is intrinsic as you say, but I feel its both. There is a reaction to an action, so it goes for men as well as women. As I said, both are equally responsible.
  • Apurva Chitte I will credit to Whistling Woods, they have handled a very serious topic wonderfully in a very short video. What we need is sensitization and sex education to be given in the right age, and talk about sex like we would discuss some movie. It is a part of life but not life itself, this clear distinction needs to be shown! needs to be understood!
  • B: ” There is a reaction to an action”? Really? So the next time a mother/sister/female relative or friend walks around in a saree & we catch someone leering at them, we should say the lady deserves it – don’t you see her midriff is exposed?
    Give me a break. Women have better things to do. I’ll let you have your opinions. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, good day.
  • B: Apurva – Very precisely put. Agree a 100 % with you. Thanks.

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