Scene 1:

Olivia Pope comes rushing into the office, “We have a new client. Devyani Khobragde.” and she sticks the picture on the glass. “Quinn get all the information you can on her. Abby get in touch with Preet Bharara and find out what all does he have against her. Huck find the maid. Harrison get in touch with Indian side whoever is involved in the case.” Quinn: “I am getting better at hacking, huh, Huck”. Wright commands:”Common, lets get going, people”
Olivia Pope: “I am heading for India, till then I need all you can find on her.”

Scene 2:

Abby in Preet Bharara’s office. Abby to secretary: I am Abby Whelan from Olivia Pope & Associates. I need to meet Preet Bharara for Khobragde’s case. She is our official client.

Secretary: I will see what I can do.

Preet Bharara walks out of his cabin, while Abby is following him.

Abby to Preet: Hi, I am Abby from Olivia Pope and Associates.

Preet looking at her amazed: Huh, who doesn’t know Olivia Pope. So what brings you here?

Abby to Preet: You see we need Khobragade out of the jail and also what all charges have been pressed against her. What all can we do to get immunity.

Preet: It will completely depend upon how the case goes, you know the procedure! I am just following the rules. Indian government will be shifting her to UN to get complete Diplomat protection. This case doesnt seem to be what it looks like.

Abby: How you do this to your fellow Indian?

Preet (shouting): I am a US citizen of Indian ethnicity! Havent you met Spanish, or Chinese American citizens. This is it, I have to leave. Best of luck, I hope this would not become Olivia’s career destroying case.

Preet sits in the car and leaves. Abby dials Wright.

Abby to Wright: (on phone) : Khobragade is getting shifted to UN by the Govt of India, as we speak. There is more to this case than we thought. I am coming to office.

Scene 3:

Quinn is in the office trying to find more on Khobragde’s case.

Quinn to Harrison: I have hacked all major Indian govt. websites. They don’t even have firewall properly installed, while the data center is in Karachi, Pakistan. Isn’t Pakistan and India warring nations?

Harrison: Did you find anything relevant?

Quinn: No. They dont have anything on email or stored in any computers. What I can find is loads of movie downloads. I guess they still work on typewriters and printers. Oh, wait, there’s someone trying to write a letter to US govt. It says they want all the charges to be dropped. But, what I have found on many Indian news websites, is that she has 2 illegal flats. She is also involved in Adarsh scam in Mumbai and also her father Uttam Khobragade has more wealth than he could ever have with his salary.

Harrison: Ok. Get me the number of Uttam Khobragde. I need to talk to this man. And which is the language does he use?

Quinn: Some , M-A-R-A-T-H-I.

Harrison: Get me a translator who can speak this language within 20 minutes.

Scene 4

Huck enters the secured premises of Mrs.Sangeeta Richard, who complained against Khobragade. US govt. has already deported her whole family to US for support of the statement, and also so that she does not takes back her complaint. Huck enters into their safe place. Huck also knows many languages.

Huck: namaskar sangeeta bai. Kay mhanta kashya aahat? (Hi, Sangeeta, how are you?)

Sangeeta is little amazed, but calms down as she has been approached by many white people who can speak marathi.

Huck: tar tumchi complaint kharach khari aahe ki aankhi kahi problem aahe? (is the complaint real or is there any other problem?)

Sangeeta: Nahi saheb, kharach, mala paise nahi dile tya baiine ani khup kaam bi karun ghetle. Mala vaitag aala. Mhanun mya palali. (Sir, she did not pay me and also made me work more, so I ran away.)

Huck sensed some one coming. So, he gets up and leaves this safe place.

Huck: Me parat yein. Namaskar. (I will come back. bye)

Scene 5:

Harrison talking on phone with Huck: You should have told me before that you know Marathi. I have unnecessarily wasted so much time! Come to office this instant.

Huck: Ok.

Everyone is in office, while Olivia is traveling in plane to India thinking of Jake and President. Show some past scenes.

Harrison calls Uttam Khobragade: Huck speaks: Namaskar. Me Huck, Olivia Pope and associates madhun boltoy. Aplya muline amhala hire kele aahe tichi pratima vachavnyasathi ani sukhrup US madhun baher kadhnaysathi. Amchi boss tidke thodya welet pochelach. Amhala thodi aankhin mahiti havi hoti, ani hi line ekdam secure aahe. US govt. kinva Indian govt. sudha he aiku shakat nahi.

(hi, I am Huck from Olivia Pope and Associates. Your daughter has hired us. We need some information, and also Olivia Pope will reach there in some time. This line is secured, none of the govt. can interfere or listen to our talk. We need this information because we want to send back Devyani properly without any case in US court.

Uttam: accha. ata me kay karu. majha thik hote. Black che paise barech aahet amchya kade, pan kay hya porine, kay garaj hoti ka tila ase kahi karnyachi? paise deun gappa karayche tya baila! Hi baya bhartat asli asti molkarin, tila tar kadhich pochavli asti. Mala je kahi mahiti te tumhala sangto.

(ok. what should I do now? I have huge amount of black money. My daughter should have just paid her off! If this maid would have been in India, she would have been long gone till now! Now, I will tell you whatever I know)

Scene ends, with shocked faces and lots of more information. Huck gets a ticket to India. scandal - khobragade


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