Selection of Alternative.

BJP winning seats in MP, Rajasthan, Delhi was to be expected after more than 3 years everyday newspaper headline of “Corruption”. It somehow had nothing to do with Narendra Modi. MP and Rajasthan elections were purely based on what the local government did in those states. Sometimes, we forget that India also consists of South India and North East India, where there is no trace of BJP! Selecting a castist political party is a huge risk in itself, but people have taken just for the case that corruption might lower down. Lets all hope for the best. AAP clearly won the elections in Delhi even if they have got a few seats less. They have also managed to raise clean fund from all over the world. It is a phenomenal task which Arvind Kejriwal has achieved by destroying social images of many such as Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare, according to me, is not to be taken seriously. He rising on the national level, was a media gimmick. Yes, of course he has worked for social good, but politics is not his game.

This election has proved to be a boon for many local parties who have been working for good of people. I hope they soon form a coalition with ‘ideal’ based AAP. I want to see change in overall democratic setup, I want a government, which works on merit and not on caste & religion. For that I am ready to select any party which gives me a secular government and fights election for secular government, then let it be congress or AAP or any local party. AAP winning Delhi elections has also proved that people do want a caste-less, religion-less and corruption-less government, and they are ready to select the alternative possible apart from nationalist party.

Every mistake, or every demand which Congress has failed to give has been turned into a new political party. When Sonia Gandhi took over as party leader, NCP was created. Congress failed to deliver Lokpal, AAP was created. So in a way its good. It is here, that a person may understand the meaning of “haar mein bhi jeet hoti hai”. Failure of Congress on various levels has surely made people to think and form new socialist movements. I guess this would a great era in Indian politics to witness, and I am really happy that I am actually witnessing it rather reading it in text books. NCP was never a great creation, NCP people are the most corrupt! I have seen them distributing Rs.5000 in last elections for a vote. AAP is a better alternative. And yes, all of us are always looking for a better alternative.

Lets see what will AAP do. All the agenda what they have is “Lokpal Bill”. What about safety? As they have come in Delhi, I hope to see a safe environment created for women in Delhi.

Will AAP really use zadu’s physically, for e.g. cleaning streets, or will they just hang it or use as a prop in dance?


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  1. Good questions… Well written piece. While on Indian Elections – pls read my post “Indian Elections – Truly Sensational !!!”
    Feedback welcome.

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