SHE is my property.

She is my property. Do you understand that?

Acid Attacks are featured almost every 2 days in the news. Journalist/Reporters focus on how that guy was following that girl, from what background did she come, how respectable she is and with impeccable character. And also how the youth of today has become so irresponsible, how easy is it to buy acid from store, acid should be banned, and blah blah blah blah.

mypropertyBut, does anyone notices that most people male/female have this concept of ‘a person belongs to me, I own this person’ just like a person might own a pen, car, house, etc.

Some people have this feeling after marriage and some people have it before marriage! Some people feel, now that I have seen her, just seen her, I own her! Isn’t this a brilliant idea? Yes. It is. Apply this idea to all materialistic pleasures. Wow. I would have every bike which I have liked till now, will become mine, because I have seen it, and according to the hypothesis, that ‘whatever I see, and want, becomes mine’, so I own it.

But, does this hypothesis apply to ‘her’, a woman? Of course not! I cannot ‘OWN’ any human! I can only become a friend, a parent, a lover, a wife to that person, not a property to be owned!

Then where does this concept of “ownership of humans” come into picture? By some scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharat, where the wife is always inside and just a toy of king, and a baby making machine. Had Sita knew any martial arts or any Yuddha Vidya, wouldn’t she fight Ravan? But, no! How can a woman study? She is just on earth to become a toy, earlier of her father and then husband and then son. Isnt it? Just like Kunti? If such ideas of ‘female’ ownership are passed down in the younger generation, such things are bound to happen.

Even in honour killings, kids are considered as public property of the family! They have to get married to person their parent choose. Most of these killings are heterosexual marriages/unions! not homosexual! I wonder what would happen if kids of these people get into homosexual relations!! LOL.

For honour killings/ acid attacks / rapes, this hypothesis of ‘I OWN A PERSON’ must not become a reality or belief or faith. YOU CANNOT OWN A PERSON, LET YOU MAY BE ANYONE.



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