I would love this combination of KJT+MUM+PUN+BNG+KRL

Are you really satisfied or happy with your current city, when you have been to many places? Or lived in many cities? Sometimes, you are, but then something reminds of the other city and then you wonder, why cant I get it here!

After graduation I have lived in many cities, changed almost 10 houses, lived in various parts of the same city, and also lived in various cities. Now staying at one place for more than 1 month without traveling is a achievement for me. 😉

This has surely helped to reduce my ‘luggage’ to one traveling bag, and one laptop bag. Isn’t that cool? Anyways, coming back to the subject, I would love this combination of places in one place:

Bangalore (BNG), Mumbai (South), Neral, Kerala, Pune,etc.

I would love a combination of weather of Pune and Bangalore and Mumbai (cool breeze, yet moist), with a sea nearby.  A house facing a lake or river, with teak wood doors and big windows. Street filled with gulmohar, nilmohar, buch and bahava trees, so that when I walk home, I can see the street colored in shade of yellow, blue, white and red. Street filled with sweet smell of buch flowers(Buch or Akashmogra).

akashmograThe market should be the same as it is of Matunga, and roads similar to Pradhikaran, and the city should be ‘on’ like Mumbai with less population.

Is this possible?




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