stare Travelling places in public transport always gives a chance of meeting someone new, may be interesting or may be not. I happen to travel Mumbai to Pune and back very frequently. Sometimes, I do have a chat with person sitting next to me, or sometimes I don’t.

This time, when I was travelling from Pune to Mumbai, I started chatting with this person next to me, only because I saw that she was from TCS, and was surely going for a interview in Mumbai, with all the last minute preparation we all do before facing a interview. As all of us, would want to answer the questions correctly, and as we are expecting to get into that company, for various reasons.

Her English accent did tell me that she belonged to some state in South India. So, now we are talking. Imagine her accent while you read the following conversation.

me: How do you find Pune?

She: Its ok. I find it not safe for women.

OK. I am a Punekar, it is true in a way, but still I want to know WHY!

me: why? what happened?

she: People stare at me so much. they just stare, stare, stare. Even if I wear a punjabi dress, they are staring, even if I am wearing formal clothes they are staring. Even if I will wear a burqa they will stare at me! what they need just a woman inside that clothes. I am not sexy, nor do I have great figure, nor am I like those north Indian girls who are white. Why stare me? I am not some Angelina Jolie, stare at Angelina Joley, even I will join you.

If you have read it in south Indian accent you will surely laugh. I have not heard a funny version of STARE ever!


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