Scene in a police station, inspector asking give details of everything while this girl was raped. She is trying to tell it. I don’t know how girls in that state of mind, can even talk about it. Just in few minutes, this girl has been destructed, and she has life in her, she has to describe everything. Inspector, shouts on her, ” Ae Ladki, pura din nahi hai hamare pass”. What does he mean? That Rape/Molestation and sexual harassment has to be taken lightly? Something which affects a person for entire life, has to be taken lightly, as if nothing happened?

Friends who claim to have more sensitivity or you know they are emotional and show emotions to each and everything, ask ‘please tell me what happened in details’ as if this subject is some gossip, of who is having an affair! What exactly are these people, because, these people form the majority of the crowd. Where is real sensitivity. While, there are a few, who don’t indulge in “details” because they really understand kind of impact that person has suffered. These people are termed as “insensitive, people with no emotions.”

The question remains then who exactly is sensitive and has emotions. A person who displays emotions (actors) like some chana-futana, or person who really takes care of not hurting the other person.


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