What if every woman comes* out…..

If you are going to read this blog post, I would recommend to watch the following videos first. I know it might take around quarter to 2 hours, to completely watch, and of course it is surely not going entertain you. This is not soe dumb Rohit Shetty movie. This is the reality. Almost, every woman has faced it in India. Even I have faced it many times and found myself dumb struck, as to what is to be done. Some incident [molestation] was something which had happened very early in my life. I will also write down how I feel about it, and what it has done to me. I have not shared it with anyone but one person. Writing about it is a tough one, my mind is racing, my cheeks are literally burning, even my favourite songs in the background is not helping me, I am almost on the verge of crying, suffocating. Crying is something is very hard for me, it some how does not help to let go things, crying does make some feel very lighter, not me, I am almost on the route of fainting.

In this documentary, this girl arrives from UK, to visit her ‘homeland’, what was she thinking, even to call this horrid place as homeland. Very happy to discover something which might not her emotionally. She starts with a journey of jotting rape mentioned in newspaper. Till now it was ok, as and how she starts going deeper in the whole issue, she finds reaction of men. Of being a respectable or non respectable women. Lets say that these women are grown up, beyond the age of 18, a adult. But, what about younger girls of age less of 10? Have they done anything to be categorized into respectable or non-respectable? The lawyer who has been interviewed in this documentary speaks of respectable women. I surely want him to stand on road and point out which woman is respectable or not. We would have got fairly good data, isn’t it? According to his perception.

So should we ask every man in India to point out? and then design the clothes, the way a hand should move, leg should move of a woman? like a robot? Will that really change anything? In a country where women and not even considered as something ‘alive’ and with thoughts, feelings! Do we know any stories of normal women rebellion in even early 19th century? It is just starting. In 21st century, and has a very tough, rough journey. But, are today’s’ women really interested to fight for their own gender? Or even talk about it? This documentary also shows her own relatives, and also how a wife [daughter-in-law] should be [Indian expectation] and also the celebration of a male child in the house not for girl child.

It also speaks of how so-called-educated people are aborting girl child. I have known few examples personally too. In this case, it was the wife only who killed 3 daughters to have a boy child, just to be in competition of relatives who had male children. She is currently working in Software Testing company in Pune. She got her abortions done in Buldhana. Its funny that, no one in her family, immediate family, like mother, mother-in-law, husband stopped her, nor the husband! Wow. So their silence, was almost like stamping ‘YES’ what ever she was doing was right.

Molestation/Sexual abuse cases just go unreported. I think these are first steps of finding a ‘rapist’, a possible prospect that this person may become a rapist one day. I have faced it when I was around 3-4 years old. My father did not even believe it. Leave my mother, she was the very stereotypical image of wanting to become a ideal wife. This incident is still so fresh in my mind, that I still don’t like anyone touching me. I avoid public transport as much as possible. I might forget it for few days, but its still fresh. I still remember what I had worn, which jeep I was in. I still remember those dirty lusted eyes, his hand in my pant and finding myself dumb struck for some time, but then I moved, to the corner, where his hand couldn’t reach me.  Now, tell me where is this “respectable” woman concept fits in? Does a person so young, is even aware of gender? I knew I was a girl, because my parents said so, and many people around me. But, I understood the meaning of being a girl then, of the restrictions, of ‘self preservation’, of ‘dirty-touch’. Touching and groping still continues in buses, trains and every possible public transport. Walking normally on the road also invites dirty stares.

What if all women decide not to give birth? What if all women become gay? Will this solve anything? What if every woman supported the other woman? Will it be ever possible? I dont see anything like this happening in India, where educated women are aborting girl children, women are talking, “if I would have been a man, I would have fucked so many women”. I am going to try to help, as much as I can to create awareness to let live. In what ever shapes, species, sizes, everything which is on earth has a right to live its own life, whatever the age, gender, species, sexuality, etc. Every living thing must have freedom, must live a very happy fulfilling life.

What if every woman comes out to help other woman?


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