Bribery was known to me when I was in 3rd Std.

I generally go for Literature meetup in Pune. This time we had Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I dont know how many of you have read it, but here is a link to wikipedia. tomsawyerThe book starts with Tom been told to paint the fence. And how he sells this mundane work so efficiently to others, in a way that this is only best work available and only best can work on it. He also trades a decaying tooth. While, discussing the whole book, we cam e across to the point where we were discussing of how does it relates to our own childhood.

Some answered, becoming hunters, and catching lizards, burning down a outhouse/garage, signals which were especially made to call friends outside, thinking of whatever street which is not allowed as a mystery, a place with treasure, etc.

This made me remember a incident, when I was in 3rd Std, I would forget that there was small test of spellings or may be some math. I would end up scoring a little less than I would have otherwise. And remembering tests was a useless task according to me. Why not just play memory games? Why to waste time writing it again and again. I guess, they were teaching us so that we would become the best of clerks! I would think that even during those days. So, while watching giving offering to the God to get things done, I was like, why not offer fellow classmates to help me copy tests and get my home work done? Good idea isnt it? We Indians learn bribery and corruption from childhood!

I did buy a box of pencils, and made people help me copy in the lure of one pencil. And trust me it worked. I did it once or twice, but then pencil act made me remember tests, as I was wasting my money! I stopped doing it after that. i did not find it right, and then it was also like why waste money, just study for an hour and get going!

Offering to Gods are still so much prevalent. Balaji gets so much of gold and money, but it is of no use for the society as they are not utilizing it apart from paying their pujari’s huge salaries! It is a complete wastage of money! So with many Ganapati temples around. It is a mere wastage of money and time.

One of the things I would want to see the government to pass a order, is to stop constructing any religious space for people. These places are acting against the people than for the people. They don’t allow people to sit, or sleep or provide food! The prasad is also so useless and shit! Dagdu Seth gives little sugar balls and white coloured water! This trust does absolutely NOTHING for the society creatively. These SO-CALLED places are the BIGGEST SCAMS of this century.


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