Why I will NOT support AAP (Aam Admi Party)

AAP talks about democracy controlled by few people, which, according to are ‘leaders’. This party is formed by Arvind Kejriwal, with a motto of bringing clean governance. They have only 4 agenda, Lokpal Bill, Right to Reject, Right to Recall and political decentralization. They are not talking about ‘real’ issues a common faces, like toilets, food, education, sensitization of sexes. When they claim to be a party for the common people, do the common people, really, literally take part in corruption? Do they really understand the meaning of ‘democracy’?

Lets take an example: Lets say for some time, I am some woman who belongs to a very low class family, dependent on husband who earns around 10k/month and I have 3 kids. Elder one has left education and rest 2 go to school for free food. My husband is some watchman. Do we really come in contact in any of the offices, like Income Tax, Land registration office, or even a traffic police? I bloody don’t even have a vehicle. And more over being a woman, no voice!

AAP if belongs to common man, woman and children, can they educate this above mentioned family? Can they provide them any more ‘Rojgaar’? and is corruption really the problem? Do you guys really think so? Corruption is spoiling the image of India? Really? Or is it showing the world that people here cannot choose a representative who will work for their well being and interest? what is the reason behind NOT choosing a right representative? There is only one reason, “People here don’t think“. That’s it. There are many reasons behind it.

AAP rather Arvind Kejriwal, has shown no patience. If he might as well have waited for passing of LOKPAL bill and then formed a party. I would have really respected him. Politics, rather when dealing with people, high amount of patience is required. This is something I cannot see in their behaviour. More over, when they blaming the present government, they have completely failed to give a deadline of completion of these agenda! Lokpal Bill, but when will it get passed? No word about it!

Most important, will they really participate in coalition government with positive attitude? Or keep threatening the government with bandhs, agitations? How will such a government function? And in this feud, what if re-election is carried out? Where is the MONEY coming from? At the end from TAX PAYERs money, not from some PARTY funds of BJP, Congress or AAP.

Ask him or other parties whether if re-election takes place, will he really give the party funds to election commission to re-conduct elections? Isn’t it pushing Indian society to more caste-ist and group-ist society? Dont we already have enough discrimination points that we need more?

And whats with coconut broom? Taken the meaning literally, are AAP people going to clean nation? I dont see them working!!

And will their government allow any damn common man to change policies, the way they expected the LOKPAL to be passed in parliament?


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