Coalition Government to be expected?

Its a very tough call for voters who think and don’t get paid 5k to 10k  for a vote by the political parties. These thinking voters expect miracles from the government of which they are not even a part or wouldn’t discuss politics till until its voting time. They wouldn’t become a part of rally of supporting a individual candidate from the area, as politics is considered as SHIT in India. Some of us don’t even have voting cards or nor can vote as because we are travelling, shifting to new places every year or month. We are only allowed to vote in our own constituency, no where else even by citizenship we are Indians. There are no bar codes or single card, which when swiped, is considered for that person to have voted in India, where ever the person is currently living, and would want to support the local candidate.

Whats with the finger? and the ink? When we can have a plastic cards with barcode and swipe and yes there you go, one person one card, one barcode, voting done, no scene of wiping off ink nor any issue with age! Why are we stuck with age old way of voting?

Process apart, we are still stuck with whom to vote? and whether a coalition government in the current world economics is a good thing for India? We all know about scams [as they have come in limelight], BJP being the major opposition, is not taking major steps, as even their ministers/ candidates are into scams. Congress and BJP, and various state level parties, all are corrupt. That’s a simple truth. Only, at some places, along with corruption work is getting done, and at some places its only corruption, no progress, no work.

Current situation shows us that all parties are corrupt. Local state level parties have agenda based on language, like Shiv Sena and MNS, while BJP is pro Hindu, BSP pro dalits, some Muslim parties pro Muslims, Congress pro secular. None of these parties are going to have major share in votes. Every party will win some votes there will be a coalition government as no one is going to get a majority vote.

Congress and BJP together are surely not going to form government! They have still not come to that stage! Aam Admi coming into picture with non corrupt agenda may win some seats, who will these people side with? No one I guess, as every party is corrupt! So, with no clear majority, do we stand a risk of re-election and expenditure? Or presidential rule for some period? If presidential then I am thankful that this time we have a person who understands politics and governing of nation president, not some out of the blue scientist or numb woman.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing……..Good writings…….

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