Murud – Road Trip – Part 2

Floaters never looked so good, as they were here on the beach, shining in pink – golden hue.

floatersMurud also has water scooter rides, good small cottages to live in, you can get breakfast even at 7 a.m. Best part of the deal 😉 Breakfast is most important, let me be anywhere. There are 2 forts in Murud sea, Janjira and Kasa. I have been finding data on Janjira w.r.t who built it? who was the architect? where are the blue prints or sample design or any reference of it in historical text, did Siddi really built it? if yes, then from where did he get the money from? his empire was very small. The guide refers to a underground underwater tunnel to shore, is it really true? then why hasnt government tried to dive-in and find? if yes, then who built it? in mid 14th century, who built the tunnel? and HOW? But, what I have found so far is nothing of value. This is the outcome of keeping education only to certain castes, see we dont even know our own history, in our view. We know is from British, Portugese and Chinese documentation of the trade which took place in Murud and Janjira.

Murud is a beautiful beach. I liked more than Kihim, Alibag, Kashid. Its silent, people are silent, no more of unnecessary noises. If you want solitude, and also want to enjoy nature, you must come here.murudKasa fort is completely ignored, its built by Sambhaji. [I wonder where did Shiv Sena go? If they are really Shivaji’s Sainik, then why don’t they try to protect the heritage? Wont it keep their boys a little busy? and little buses saved from destruction? All these forts going into ruin stage]

If you want to go to Janjira, there are 2 ports who will take you there. Murud port will take you with a motorboat, while Rajpuri port will take you with small sail boat/punt. Rs.20 fare for boat ride to and fro. But, the guide takes around Rs.400 for a family. So mix up, go as one family(all boat members) if you wish to save money here. Janjira is 22acre fort, with space for 550 families who can live here without getting off island. It has 2 big fresh water tanks, one is 60ft deep, while other is 40ft deep, never drying up. It can solve the drinking water problem in the area, if only some one in authority would want to really want to good drinking water!

The boat ride and the cannons is the only plus point in this fort, rest is in ruins. These ruins are just 60-70 year old. This fort was well functioning with roofs on building till just before independence. Now, it is a govt. property.

You can find blue starfish on Murud beach. star fishIf you head Agarband ahead you will see some structures like below. This when visited, may seem as mosque, but somehow, no one comes here for prayer. So, it does raises questions, like is it really this? Or was it some kind of hotel for traders then? The main road which comes this structure is closed with recent debris.

DSC_0048This architecture seems inspired by Buddhist era, not something recent. Nothing which shows any Muslim culture, no inscriptions, no particular symbols. It does create a doubt.

DSC_0054This window is covered with recent bricks and painted white to cover up some recent fraud, I guess. Had there been no caste system so strong in India, we could have had all information on almost every structure and architecture, with also who built it, and for what purpose.

Coming back to beach, its a wonderful place, with starfishes around and also some tortoise.

DSC_0062bye Murud…..


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    Nice review !!

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