Murud – Roadtrip….Part 1

This was a very impromptu trip. No planning, no hotel booking, no info on anything. Brilliant isn’t it? Especially on a long weekend of holidays for salaried people? Its very rare that a person might find any beaches or tourist destinations empty when salaried people have a long [common, govt. approved] holiday. For entrepreneurs like us, its holiday everyday or work everyday. Depends how a person might want to treat it. But, this time, as there was a holiday and that too because of Diwali, nobody to do the dependent work, like labors, you will not find labours working on any projects! Especially not in Karjat. Nor are people in any mood for making any serious decisions during Diwali. Everyone wants to enjoy! So, we had no choice, but to take an off! My day starting at 4 a.m.  to catch the 6 a.m, train to Karjat, as I usually do, to bathe Chinu [my rottweiler]. Its a Friday, and holiday season, and no reservation, so have to reach early to station to catch the train.

Copyright Apurva ChitteMy dog with her Doc. After bathing her, then is the ritual of her tearing off some cloth, in the futile attempt of wiping off water from her body! She still loves doing that! I guess she loves the sound tarrr-tarrr-tarrrrr……. And then, when a little cleaning around the house is done, we start our journey towards Murud. Murud is a beach, a wonderful beach, in Raigad district, moving south from Mumbai. You can also take a ferry from Colaba, or go by road. For us its easier by road, as we are traveling from Karjat. The most simple and shortcut road to reach Murud is via Supegaon through a ‘Abhayaranya’ which boasts of having leopards, red squirrel [shekru] and some deers. But, this protected forest area is very tiny! So, dont fear any wild animals, as humans have already encroached their homes! They are not coming out during day, especially not on the road! I would recommend this route, as you get see the Murud beach way earlier than expected.

Copyright Apurva ChitteThis is something, which you will not see from route via Pen, Kashid. This is exclusive for people travelling from  Supegaon. Isnt it very movie-like? Then on the road, just before Murud beach, you may also come accross a little ghostly building, which was the ‘raj mahal’ of ‘Siddi’s’ who have ruled Janjira for almost 327 years, and Marathas could never ever capture Janjira fort! Well, frankly speaking, it was in a highly rotten state, where almost 2 buildings were ‘bhoot bangla’ and one seemed to be kept in prime condition. Funny notice on the gate “Be Aware of the Dogs” [they have photos of the dog on the flex,  one is german shepherd and other a labrador] They have surpassed Puneri patya. This prime condition building is supposedly a museum, wherein the artifacts, like throne is kept for display of normal people, but the gates are always closed. Siddi’s are not Indian, the first Siddi was a Abyssinian slave. See, anyone can rule in India! Then you will come to Murud. Murud – Janjira the majority of the area near by has a higher population of rich Muslims, typical Koli & Agri communities. You can certainly make this difference by simply observing the housing and internal roads. Houses are bigger and roads are wider in Muslim area while houses are small, sticking to each other, narrow roads is Hindu area. These houses are old, not new. Murud is real very nice, calm and peaceful beach.

Copyright Apurva Chitte


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