Fear of the “unknown”

Sometimes, it is a bliss to not to know things, only if there are no harmful effects joined to it. for e.g. who is the president of India, what is the average of pulsar, which dal is used in sambar, etc. We are not afraid when we dont know the answers to this. But, ‘Devi ka Prakop’, ‘Something bad will happen if you don’t forward this message’ is something which we don’t know, but still believe it to happen if certain things are not done. for e.g. in Hinduism, a body has to be burnt or else we will watch some movies like Raaz ;), rather a body which is not burnt will become a bhoot (ghost), whereas even if the that person would have been a unsatisfied soul, but if the body was burnt, it would not become a ghost. Indians are firm believers in God. Even if some one presents with, you did not bow to the God, now you are going to fall ill. And that person who has not bowed falls ill. Why? Not bowing to God will really make you sick? or the ‘fear of the unknown’ makes you sick?

To come to think of it, we don’t know many things! A computer engineer has no knowledge about Polymer, and vice versa. We are brought to believe in so many ‘non existent’ beliefs that we start neglecting normal humanity, which is to live and let live, which is to accept nature in all its forms and embrace it. But, we start believing in girl/boy, then caste, religion and so called so many unnatural forces in our life that after a certain point of time, they become the reality of life.

Well, I was just talking to a recruiter, who owned to it, that she lied more than she would speak the truth. Her opinions were more of what people said, what the news channel keep repeating. for. e.g. lets take a case state wise GDP of India. Maharashtra, has most of the times been on the top. But, are Marathi people proud of it? While, they seem to be more proud of other states, as somewhere, sometime, while growing up, they are so bound in the caste race, that they tend to forget that there castes in other states too. Now, this is a bliss, isn’t it?


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