@bjp @congress bomb blasts are not going to help

@bjp @congress bomb blasts are not going to help get votes this time…. voters are anyways choice-less, they will select a well spoken, better looking gunda!

Well, that’s the reality. Who looks better? Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi? Rahul Gandhi is a direct candidate with National politics whereas Narendra Modi is a local center, local politics. Do you really think a local player will be great at national level? It will some scenario where Raj Thackeray is the PM.  A politician who has nothing apart from Marathi thing! Has he even spoke about anything else than that? [scratch head hard] no, I don’t recollect anything.

Also, how does Modi plan to handle south India? Same like Gujrat? by creating more riots? Killing innocent people as he has in the very famous 2 incidents? Publicity stunt or Power stunt- to make people “silent”. How long will this Power Stunt last? 10 years or 15 years, or encroach the other area with these power stunts all over India.

Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand may be compared with Akhilesh Yadav, a post graduate. At least I had some expectations from him, but I was completely wrong to expect good from a person born and brought up amongst gundas. Yadav’s recent stunt to get muslim votes, was IAS officer pulled down a mosque wall. What will Rahul Gandhi find for such stunts, killing of his ancestors? But, he is still high command of Congress. Technically, Sonia Gandhi is the ruler. So, even if Rahul Gandhi becomes PM, Sonia Gandhi will rule. What if Narendra Modi comes in picture? Well, it will be more internal BJP fights, more riots based on Hinduism, much more unstable government, and India getting listed in the most red alert. As it is we are already a red alert country!

Now, is it really a tough choice? no! not at all! We just a need a government which will be OK and wont have any riots, and a little stable government!



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