Get Well Soon (Marathi Play)

Let it be called as an accident or coincidence that after so many years, I had to go to play, and that too based on De-addiction, which I have been a part since childhood. [] Deaddiction, which we give to people is full of results and no jailing! While, the conventional method of Deaddiction is more of jail. The jail with their psychiatrist as jailers, which has very beautiful names such as Rehabilitation Center and stuff, always blaming the addict of no ‘mind control’. This, whether bad or good, is not a fact! Anyways, coming back to the play. This play is performed by a very strong and versatile actor Swapnil Joshi, which makes it a major attraction.

getwellsoonIt starts with a interview, and very few seconds I see the stage marked with “Alcoholics Anonymous” I was like, why did I buy tickets!!

Anyways, it starts with a good note, like how addicts never accept that they are addict, and most importantly, relatives who never understand that addiction is a disease. They go with the widely spread concept of “mind control”, “will power”, and whatever bull shit people spread generally for most of the psychological diseases.

Swapnil Joshi, being such a versatile actor, with good capacity to remember dialogs, he has not been given those dialogs, or acting. A clean failure on the part of script and director. Well, then the story moves on with he getting admitted into Muktangan (well I guess the government grants are now utilized to make plays and publish books, rather than focusing on addicts. Have you ever asked the success rate of Muktangan?) and he comes out well, all right. But, why couldn’t they show a small scene involving the process? Especially the process of deaddiction? The the character moves on with life with the psychiatrist as god father for the couple. He does everything what a psychiatrist asks him to do. Wonderful isn’t it? The story the goes forward with Swapnil understanding himself, a self realization process rather than recovery period. Which is shown pretty good. I really liked the way the stage moved, how the other characters saw scenes and the conversation which took place in the form of letters but the characters still on stage and talking to each other.  Wonderful. The story the some how looses its grip after interval. After interval seems more like they had to elongate the play somehow.

Samedha rather has got a very strong character to play, and she does really seem like a addict. She takes whole after interval into her grip.

The last few minutes, which end in self blaming is, I guess for the relatives of addicts to feel better. And still, addiction, what it is, and how it should be perceived by people/relatives, remains still in the same “will power” zone.

Well, a good effort, considering a story, but not when really considering addiction, its effect and treatment. A mere advertisement effort of Muktangan once again.

One of the good part of going to this play: Mukta Barve in the audience.


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