About Time would be a HIT if it would be a Sci-Fi movie.

About timeFrom the makers of Notting Hill, does make a good advertisement for me to buy tickets for this movie. As I don’t have TV and Photon working real bad, I just saw half of the trailer on YouTube. TIME TRAVEL, I was expecting a very dramatic movie, more twists and turns, double life to live, etc. But it turned about to be a simple and normal kind of movie. It only had a audience of 12 people! Wow. Gravity, did pull audience out of this movie. Wrong timing to be released.

Why does only male child can travel in time? Why not female? Its wonderful to see that the person, even a novice has the ability to concentrate, and focus and also to remember the exact time and location and visualize it, so that he reaches the place he wants to. And who gave the boon of time travel? Or is it an in build genetic thing to use mind in such way that you may tele-port to any location you want in your past. Cool, isn’t it.

This movie goes on and on forever. It should have been the half of time it is already. The only part what I liked about this movie, is somehow, conveys that, live every day so wonderfully that whenever you want to relive that moment, you will be able to visualize that moment in 5D way in your mind and you will be able to Time Travel. That’s what is wonderful. And keep re-visualizing the same in different ways, different dialogs, a little different look. Cool isn’t it?

Had it been a something with machines, robots, futures, stock markets. It would have easily garnered quite a lot audience. Imagine that he went past 1000 years, into revolution and changed things and came back. Or may be invented something back then, and then there was a very advanced version of same available today?

Idea wise rating: 4/5

Movie: 2.5/5

Length: 1/5


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