StartUp Healthy Rice

My weight has been a issue from 12th Std, its sometimes increased while sometimes decreased. Sometimes only the fat percentage decreases, while fat percentage increases. Sometimes I look thin, sometimes I look fat! ( thin and fat in comparison to already present fatness)

I have been never a thin person. I have always been on the side of little fat till 12th but not too fat. My weight increased a lot in past 2 years! It started increasing much more from the time I came back to Pune from Bangalore.

Dieting has never been a choice, or even skipping nice fat food is something what I do. I love to eat, I love cheese. But the major issue with my weight is not the amount of food I am eating or skipping.

There came a time when it was needed that I find more about what makes me fat or thin. For me, it is more related to proper functioning of endocrine. My endocrine needs nutrition and better nutrition. From where am I going to get it? After searching many foods, I have found that Brown Rice contains all major things which I require. Good, isn’t it? Where should I find this brown rice? Dawat sells just parboiled rice, I need rice with bran. That was it, if some one cant provide me with proper brown rice, I decided I should provide myself with it. That’s how starts the journey of Healthy Rice.

I have now put it forward for funding on Rocket Hub.

healthy rice small

You can also browse the website at

If you think the effort is good, think of providing this rice to many by just funding it on RocketHub!


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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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