iiiFEX: furniture exhibition or consumer exhibition? or waste of time & petrol?

iiiFEX has started today in Pune and will stay for 4 days.

Firstly, you will need to pay Rs.20 just for visiting the exhibition. It is an exhibition for furniture and claims to be international furniture. But the furniture there is very ordinary and local. Nothing is imported. It just contains the normal furniture, some frame shops, some watches, a little of the same design sofas, 3 mattress stalls, and the rest complete exhibition is consumer exhibition.

I would like to ask the organizers, where exactly is the furniture? and where exactly is the imported furniture? and why is more than half exhibition a consumer exhibition? and that too with no offers at all! The mattress is going to cost the same as it costs in a normal shop. The watches are also at same price as in a shop. So, what exactly is this exhibition all about?

and then there goes a huge consumer complaints too… who have lost money… why are the organizers not checking the credibility of the exhibitors?

Link to complaints: http://www.consumercourt.in/furniture/55054-cheating-sofa-maker-furniture-studio-pune.html

A complete waste of time. If you are thinking to visit, trust me don’t! Dont waste your petrol and time. All the furniture which you want, you can get it on Bajirao Road and consumer items in kirana shop.


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