Bhokat geli Duniyadari

Watching Duniyadari was a mere accident, as there were no other good movies in theater,  so at first, we just took a chance. Chalo yarr, kya parak padta hai! aa gaye hai toh dekh bhi lete hai!

The first thing which attracts a person to Duniyadari, is simply its poster. Not all Marathi movies get a point on that. I saw the promo much later than movie. But, it was also good. Many Marathi people who have TV at home, must have at least wanted to watch this movie while some did really watch this movie. This movie was running in theaters for almost 10 weeks, and some screens house-full. This movie thankfully is no very serious social issue based movie. Its a normal love story. One of its song strikes a lot in Marathi youth.

But, I still wonder, what is Sonu Nigam doing here? There are brilliant Marathi singers. But, yes this song scores! Based in a very 1970’s era, with and little shooting done in agricultural college of Poona (Yes, that time it was Poona not Pune), the similar setting of bungalows, the car, and cycles. Those small chawls in the Peth areas. Yes, a complete score on technicalities, even inclusion of the sir names and names of the characters. What is weird is tough what was a B.J. Medical student doing in S.P. and if she had come to pick her brother, where was he?

This was a time when crush used to be considered as love, deep love. Thanks to many Dev Anand movies. Duniyadari is a love story between a very strong headed woman and a very mediocre man, who in the end fights for his love and thankfully many support him. Whats a movie without a villain? The villain makes this story more interesting and also funny, with all those dialogs, and very weird characterization of the villian.


All in all, a perfect mix for an commercial cinema. Love-action-relations-complications-songs-emotions. It does capture everything. I think this would be a benchmark/milestone/turning point for Marathi commercial entertainment cinema.

(I saw some boys crying)

Duniyadari has collected 22.84Cr Rs with over 5000 shows running.

A must watch movie from my side. So those who missed it in theaters can buy here.


Watching Urmila Kanitkar for almost 3 hours in person in CCD Shivaji Park, Dadar west. She is super hot, I don’t get the point, why the hell she is given all these really non-hot, gharelu, powerless woman roles!!


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