The Comedy Tourism Law.

China’s first tourism law has come into effect.

This law is especially made so that the Chinese tourist “behave” in appropriate way. But, it does have quite a few funny elements, which actually may help Indian tourists too.

This pic might help understanding,

IFwesterntoiletAvoid the wrong posture. Toilet use: “Do not occupy the public toilet for a very long time. Do not leave footprints on the toilet seats and flush after use.”

No athithi devo bhava. Behave properly, and respect the hosts.

Don’t do the following

Photography: “When taking photos in tourist spots, do not fight and be patient. Do not force the others to take a picture with you, nor obstruct the others when they are photographing. If you would like the others’ to take a picture for you, say thank you.”

Queue jumping: “Respect order in public. Jumping the line is not acceptable anywhere.”

On tipping: “Service industries in a lot of countries honor tipping. If you think the service is good, please tip accordingly.”

At the buffet table: “When you’re at a buffet dinner, only take what you can consume. Do not waste food.”

too much food

Taking in a show: “Respect the performers. Clap after the show to show your gratitude to the performers. During curtain call, join the crowd for a standing ovation. If a performer slips up on stage, be understanding but do not cheer, whistle and jeer.”

Cultural considerations

Another section of the guide covers items such as proper airplane etiquette and how to check into a hotel, while part three deals with specific cultural situations.

The one which beats all:

In the UK: “Do not greet the others by asking them questions like ‘Where are you going?’ or ‘Have you eaten yet?’ as you would in China.”

In Korea: “Don’t pick up your chopsticks before your senior. And face sideways when drinking alcoholic beverages.”

In Italy: “Do not give someone a handkerchief in Italy. It is considered an omen for wiping tears when you lose someone.”

In Spain: “Ladies should wear earrings when going out. Otherwise, it is the same as going out naked.”


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