Lunchbox said go to BHUTAN: 7 need to do things to start living there.

bhutanWow! What a view! It seems as if we are in elvish castle of Lord of the Rings or many other books which showcase elvish way of life. for .e.g. Eragon series, Grimoire Series, Narnia series, etc. This land locked nation does offer a natural topography set for writers to bring up new elvish writings. But, then again, if we really want to shift to BHUTAN, like forever then there are some things which we need to do, and need to know.

First, lets focus on NEED TO DO.

1. Find a income source, let it be trading, writing, or huge deposits in bank that you can live on the interest on the deposits.

2. Find a place, buy it or rent it.

3. Adjust to the food.

4. Learn local language.

5. Buy woolen clothes or thermal wear.

6. Find everything about the place where you will be living in.

7. No guarantee on citizenship. So there are chances that you may come back after a while.


1. Its a monarchy. So don’t say anything to royalty, or you will thrown in dungeon.

2. Its a poor country, so don’t show off your riches, that the local people will kick you out.

3. Be friendly. That you can become only if you understand what they are talking!!

4. Be ready to become HAPPY. It ranks 8th in happiness index.

5. Its going to a be feast for eyes, so great locations, 770 species of birds, many animals.

6. India finances most of the projects in Bhutan a 60% of Bhutan’s budget.

7. It has only one airport and no railways.

Get Ready for Thunder Dragon.


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