The Lunchbox

LunchboxThe Lunchbox with a strong star cast of Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Denzil Smith released a few days back. The promos were very simple. This was the main reason I wanted to watch this movie.

Everyone has performed very well. But, still the audience is not able to understand the dialogs and the jokes. Me and my father were the only one’s laughing!

People have got used to ‘jabardasti wala’ comedy, thanks to non other than Rohit Shetty. His movies are totally based on the joke book which you get on PMC bus stand for 10Rs. Still he makes a film which earns 100Cr and is then quickly forgotten, as people just fall prey to the ‘promos’. People’s mind is now trained to laugh on all kind of PJ’s, that they don’t understand the normal humour of normal scene which happens in daily life.

For e.g. when Khan calls in Siddiqui for training at 4:45p.m. and he does not turn up, so Khan just leaves.

Siddqui then emotionally blackmails Khan that he is a orphan, he immediately gets the work.

Siddiqui’s vegetable cutting in train.

Those small letters, which are completely irrelevant than the previous!

There many small scenes which makes a person laugh. This movie was revival of the many of evergreen movies such as Khoobsurat, Khatta Meetha, Gol Maal, etc.

I watched this movie in PVR, Mumbai, Phoenix Mall. We all know that ‘poor’ cannot afford the rates. So, the audience in the theater just consisted of rich class (People who can spend 1000Rs on movie,right?). People were completely still, as if were watching some kind of neutral film. This was a complete blunt response to best acting and for great dialogs. Well, some may argue that there was no punch dialog as the Salman Khan movies have. Maine jo ek bar commitment kar di, toh apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta. So the entertainment value is less perceived by Lunchbox. But, the same audience will go all good talk for movie like Silver Lining.

Lunchbox being a very technically and script wise and acting wise a strong movie, but it still gives us a few questions to linger on

1. Why don’t the main characters have mobile phone? Everyone has mobile phone now-a-days.poormobilephone

2. If they were going to meet, why didn’t they take each others’ number?

3. If the clothes are anyways to washed then why smell the dirty clothes? After traveling in Mumbai locals, how do the clothes retain perfume?

And most important, if you are tired of your life in India, always go in a country which has a low valued currency than yours! and Bhutan is one of them! Yeah!


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