Why do we buy “bad” packaged drinking water?

Anything which is packaged very beautifully does become quality now-a-days. People love this illusion quality goods. Or else our belief on “packaged goods” is becoming more pronounced and real, or did the banaya sell so bad goods in his shop that we started buying the packaged goods?

What is the reason do you think that we are buying the essential goods at an 1000% price than normally available? For example: We buy packaged drinking water at 15Rs/liter, 100Rs/20litres and just 100Rs/yearly for water tax! Do we love something packaged so much?

There are many reasons to buy packaged drinking water. But, do we really care to check that, that packaged water might be not good for us? Do we really bother to check that we are actually buying something which is distilling our body without our permission! Its just removing all the nutrients from our body.

And are microorganisms so strong in water, that every person falls ill after drinking tap water? or even corporation water? Lets take a case: There are 50 students in a classroom. Everyone lives in hostel. So everyone is exposed to the same normal air, water, food. Only 1 – 2 students fall ill in a year due to water bourne diseases. Why are not the others. So, if we apply a little common sense into this situation, we come a conclusion that those 2 students are not healthy and don’t have enough “Rog Pratikarak Shakti” i.e. immunity towards the microbes. The teachers, taking these cases really serious, fix up a RO, not a water filter to kill germs, but a “complete reverse osmosis machine”.

Now, the students are same atmosphere: air, food, RO drinking water. Teachers observe that overall rate of fatigue and acidity in students has increased. They blame the food, so they get more antacids and they change the food type. They also introduce nutrients in the form of chemical tablets.

Now, some students are suffering with stomach ulcers. What should the teachers do next?

Have you have any idea? Teachers consider RO good as we all are hammered with advertisements which say that RO is RO is good. germs are bad, germs are bad.

Well, according to teachers, RO is good. Doctors have suggested mineral tablets and anti acids.

Students are confused. So, what do you suggest to be done?


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