God and Corruption and India

I don’t understand why people keep complaining about corruption. Whats exactly wrong in it? People who believe in God, and who give pedha, laddu, coconut, money as offering should not bother complain.

goddevoteeIts very into Indian culture. How? Most of us offer, “Mera ye kaam ho gaya toh aapko 100 nariyal chadaunga” or some other things. Some people make Balaji as their business partners. When people like us offer bribe to God, then why not provide bribe to people who might be the avatar of God? After all, Indians do believe that God comes in the avatar of human being or dog or parrot or whatever! Then why not pay bribe? Yaar, yeh to bhagwan ka hi roop hai!! If we are getting the work done from that person then why not pay more? It’s after all a offering paid to get the work done, isn’t it?

It’s into our genes, as we are already giving so many things in offering. In the earlier centuries, it was gold, now its electronic equipment and money.

So, why bother complain? Jo chal raha hai, chalne do!


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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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