Criminalism starts from Police…..

People who live in Mumbai and travel by train read some posters which are stuck where ever possible. Jyotishi baba, aapki sari masle duur karega, job mein badhakki, etc, etc, or work from home and earn extra …. or now and then posters with a bald and hairy guy…..

Well, there is a whole racket involving the Railway police force, the railway cleaners and some officers who allow to do all this technically “illegal” activity. They also “protect” their activities by punishing and tagging in other people who try to stick posters as criminals. How?? Lets read on…

Once upon a time, there was a team who working to help poor people in Mumbai. They organized a a very brilliant program for the poor of Mumbai. They brainstormed as to how can we bring this into notice of people?? How?

So, one of the team member said, “Chalo, we will hold a press conference. The media will at least publish a small news!! At least a 1 column by 2 or 3 cm!”. So the team had a press conference, which was attended by few media people. The team somehow did not know that every reporter (middlemen, these middlemen call themselves as journalists), needs a envelope full of cash to publish the news. But, of course there are people still left with a little social responsibility published and showcased the news in their dailies and channels.

After, such a bad response from the Press, even after meeting the editors, the team again brainstormed! They thought why not stick it in Railway? Make posters of such a material, that will come out easily and also use a glue that comes off. OK. Everyone agreed. The team got around 10000 posters printed.

Now…..who will stick, they searched, n searched, for almost more than 10 days. They got a bihari to do the work! Will he really do this work?? Everyone is apprehensive! So, one of the team member waits for the whole day and night for this bihari just to come on site! This bihari arrives!! Things are normal till one of the team member waits and as the team member moves out, this bihari and his gang is arrested!! Was it really a crime? No, not really. The team again did not know they had give those envelops!!

Wow..Look at the power of railway cleaners!! They have superb connections.

The next day one of the team’s friend and a very well known social activist, goes to free the bihari. She does not know what is waiting for her!! She buys wada pav for those bihari’s, answer’s his calls for the whole night, till the time she reaches CST station. She gives the wada pav to those bihari people, and just as she passes on those wada pav, the thanedar asks the havaldar even to arrest her!!! A person who has come to free the people is now a criminal, because the thanedar has some issues, as he lost/was not given bribe!!!

We should thank her stars she saved her from getting “tagged” as criminal!

Police in India has huge amount of power before the case goes into court. They can destroy a person’s career, make them a criminal, just because they were not paid bribe, or they want to “teach people a lesson”.

Where does their such kind of attitude goes, when they have to really arrest criminals??? But, we forget, they more interested making normal, innocent people as criminals rather really catching the real criminal!!

That is the reason that still many real criminals are still roaming without a bit of fear as police is their ally and friend!


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