Lean In – Stereotyping gender and strength

Girls are weak, boys are strong! True in many cases, because our mind is trained so from childhood. But, not true in many cases, as some girls do become strong and boys weak, or they both have similar physical strength.

My sister and her few friends recently had a very successful art exhibition in Pune which was covered by major newspapers. A day before the, while making the necessary arrangements for the paintings and photos, they had to rearrange the screen-kind-of-a-thing or may be we can a artificial wall-kind-of-a thing.

Now, this wall is real heavy to move across the floor.

Who do you think will succeed in moving this wall?

4 men who look really strong or 1 girl and a medium sized man?

The fact is, girl and that medium sized man moved this wall across the hall.

I believe that both a girl and a boy is born with enough strength to move that wall, physically as psychologically.


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Entrepreneur who wants to make a positive change in world.

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