Constitution and laws for commoners

Once upon a time, somebody asked me “Why do we need a constitution when we have so many laws?” I was completely shocked!! [not the electric shock] This surely made me wonder, is this the reality of Indian people, that they don’t even know that constitution controls the laws? Or is it that after the civics learnt till 10th std, we completely forget it Or civics is completely ignored in schools Or is the prevalent attitude of people “why should I learn this, its not going to help me either way”. What is the real reason?

Many Maharashtrian middle class families have this belief, that if Police and lawyers visit their house, it will rob them of their social prestige and also they will become a subject of ridicule to society and then the biggest question, “What will people say?” We some how tend to forget, that Police is made for the people, to protect them, to safeguard them and they are Public Servants. They are not the one to control your life, nor your social status, nothing!! They don’t even have the right to point at you if they don’t have the right reason and a court order!

But what causes this fear? Fear of public servants [they may be police, lawyers, governments offices, etc ] The only reason is, we are ILLITERATE!  We don’t care to understand the laws, the constitution. We don’t care to make ourselves literate enough! We make ourselves to trust these people, even when we don’t want to!

I will tell you one secret : Maximum of these “so called officers” in any government offices don’t know the laws, nor do they know any rules!

If we EMPOWER ourselves with the knowledge of rules, laws. We will never get fooled by these people!

Well, now some may say that why should we bother ourselves, why should we study, I can give some money under-the-table and get my work done!! Yes, this works! It definitely works in India! But, you spend the same number of time, energy to get your work done, and also you spend money.

But, had you known the law, you could have created fear in mind of that official. You may still need to give money under -the- table, but you will save time and energy wasted in the trips you make to the government office.

But then the language of law is quite tough than learning a computer language!! Don’t worry, I am going to explain these laws and rules in quite a simple way! In a way that normal people like us will understand!

Every week I am going to explain a little more about the constitution and also some urgently needed laws. Everyone is welcomed as critics, and also to provide information to people, to share your own experience.


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